Sunday, 10 October 2010


Have you tried downloading the free apple app Godfingers?
You should!
Its a great game :P Im loving it!

ITUNES REVIEW (further review are all from itunes except for the screenshots by which I took from my play)

Everyone gets the Finger. Customize, cultivate and wreak havoc on your world with a tap of your finger.
Perform an impressive array of Wonders to convert your planet’s inhabitants into devoted followers. Put your new followers to work – provide buildings, control the elements, and earn gold to continue leveling and customizing your planet. 

Be a kind, caring god or a destructive demagogue. Level up and unlock new Wonders to perform on your followers and power their economy, including sun, rain, lightning, fire and flood. 

Every decision you make impacts the look of your planet. Use rain to grow a desert oasis, dense woods or lush rainforests. Use the sun to populate your world with exotic flowers. Activate powerful runes and your planet will expand – providing more land to shape. 

Earn gold, perform Wonders and convert followers to gain experience. Level up to unlock powerful items, buildings and Wonders to perform on your followers. 

Godfinger Store
Godfinger Goals
Invite your Plus+ friends into your world and get them to worship you. Give them a fright with your Wonders or turn them into powerful Mystics to earn cool bonuses. Send them gifts and postcards, and let everyone know what you’re up to through Facebook and Twitter updates. 

Your game is automatically saved in plus+. That means you can log into any device and continue playing right where you've left off. Play on your iPad while you're at home, then continue your game on your iPhone or iPod touch while on the go.

To purchase, visit their cute webpage HERE

Btw, you can add me up ;) mypinkoctopus

Friday, 8 October 2010

Are these girls really hot?

Our lifestyle have changed over the years.. especially for the girls! 
No matter how ugly the duckling is, its so easy for them to transform into a beautiful swan now.  
Yes, all thanks to the modern makeups!
Its pretty interesting to see the before and after photos of asian women. 

Sad to know none of them are real?
 Then again. 
Some girls are just happen to be natural beauties
Like these two below. 

I think these two look better without any makeup! 
Do you agree? 

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Design a cuter blog ^^

Hello Haya,
This is pu3 ^^ Lol, this is supposed to be Jeri's blog, but Im free to post anything I want here anyway. 

Just some tips for you before I can introduce you to my friends. ^^
A young cute girl like you need a cuter blog design. 
Well if you want other girls to be attracted to your blog that is ^^ 

Maybe 1st of all, Put a cute picture of you and arrange the page elements so that the "About me+picture of you" would be on top of the side bar. Its not a must though haha. 
Then go to 'Design' and click template designer.

I wish you could choose a template that could suit you more :) 
When I said 'plain post background' I mean the entree blog area. But it would be better if you make your background very attractive ^^  
So go to templates and choose something that is more.. 'you'

Then you can choose a back ground you love

Then.. adjust the width of the entree blog by clicking "Layout" - "Adjust Width"!

Click "Apply to blog" on the top right handside. 
And you're done!!

What else do you want?
You want a chatbox like mine?

Click HERE if you want a chatbox :) and click "sign up"
Please ask me if you have any problems okay :) 

All the best! 

Friday, 5 February 2010

Walking path to Uni

The snow is very thick today~ =_= It is very hard to walk through these snow.. this is how it is.

Every morning on the way to uni, I will see my neighbour's cat , Archie waiting for me outside my house.

But wait! There's another cat! Hello Mr.Cat, this is the 1st time we met!
But he ignored me~ he just wanted to play with Archie =.=

Going down the hill~..

Down down down

Furthur downnn

I could now see my Zoology department!

It looks very haunted :P Definitely not the nicest thing you can see in Aberdeen University hehehe. But its the most interesting department for sure :)

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year Eve Dinner

Mmmmm~ strawberry and cream!

Special Miso soup

Chicken Cola

A wonderful dinner i might say..
Jerry is such a great cooker!